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I hate when guys say girls are always the ones that catch feelings and can’t be fwbs because that’s not true some niggas are so pressed and annoying when a girl just wants to be fwb. Like you are not my boyfriend, leave me be.

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Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. (via shwnsebstien) 211,371 notes // reblog
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Anonymous was like: Hello, I noticed you were a IB student in high school and I wanted to know if you actually got a scholarship that was linked to the fact that you earned an IB diploma?

then i was like:

Hi! I am not an IB Diploma candidate. I am just simply a student who enrolled in 3 IB classes because they were more challenging. I didn’t receive any scholarships due to taking IB classes. A lot of people get scholarships based on family income, extra curricular activities, GPA, SAT, ACT, etc. My advice to you is to really prepare for the tests (SAT and/or ACT) and have good grades and look for scholarships that you know are reliable. But a lot of the time financial aid is need based, and because of that I didn’t receive scholarships because they believed my mom made enough money to support me through college but that’s not the case. So! To end my story, I have decided to go to community college for 2 years, get an associates degree, and then transfer to a 4 year. I hope I answered your question efficiently. Thanks for asking! Good luck! :)

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